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Phaedra Kali Business and Life Coach
The shortest path to career and life satisfaction

Regain control of your life and career.


Steer your life towards the right direction for you.

Phaedra Kali, Evidence Based Coach, BSc, MBA

About you

You have worked hard to get to a position that some might envy. You studied, you devoted time and all your energy to achieve it. You have also created your family and it is precious to you.


Your life in recent years has been very demanding and you now need to change many roles during the day.

High performance in your career, time with your children, good health, food on the table and a clean home are just some of them.


You wonder how much longer you can keep running at this pace without getting anywhere. And does all this make sense in the end? Is that really what you wanted?


If this is how you feel, you are in the right place.

Welcome, I am Phaedra Kali and I am a certified evidence based Coach for career and life. I work with people like you who are motivated to grow, who are looking for personal development, and who have a strong desire to overcome their challenges. As a Coach, I use questions and scientifically proven tools to help them clarify their goals, choose the life or career they want with confidence and a positive outlook on the future.

Office Dress, Career Woman
"Through my work I have the joy of helping people redesign their lives by making the right choices, encouraging them to overcome difficulties and make the changes they want, consciously."
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