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Evidence based Coaching was so named because it differs significantly from coaching practice based on pop psychology  and mantras like "smile and everything will be okay".

Why is Evidence Based Coaching important?

Evidence based coaching utilizes research and practical application to offer tools and methodology that have been studied, tested and applied over a number of years.

This means that evidence based coaching is practiced by Coaches who have studied the techniques and tools, have completed supervised internships in them and are able to offer their client a coaching experience that really adds value to the session.

Also, as research progresses, evidence based coaches continue to study and become updated on anything new in this science.

As coaching is a dynamic and interactive process, it is not set-up following strict regimens and "one size fits all" kinds of approaches.

Phaedra Kali Coaching

Evidence Based Coaching (EBC)


Scientific research

Professional experience

and application

Needs, desires and goals of the individual

The evidence based coach has all the tools, techniques and models at his/her disposal, but the role involves a lot more than simply applying them. After taking into account the content of a session and the personality of the client, the coach will use his/her experience and science, to apply what is necessary and most helpful each time.


I chose to train and apply evidence based coaching since my personality is not convinced by quick fixes, smiling theories and effortless success strategies, although i have to admit they do seem comforting. Therefore, I would not offer coaching services to people I work with without having studied what science says, what works best and what doesn't, why and under which circumstances.


I am happy to be in a position to use my knowledge and experience in evidence based coaching to bring my best self to the session. Otherwise, how would I be able to talk to you about your best self?

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