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For me, there is nothing more beautiful than a person with self-awareness and self-love, living life while incorporating his own virtues.

What matters to me

I grew up with the value of constantly getting better and adapting quickly to change. My family taught me to believe in my strengths and to stand firmly on my feet, with courage and confidence. These values taught me to find satisfaction in overcoming myself, even under difficult circumstances, as a professional, as a mother and as a member of society.

The value of personal growth and resilience are central elements of my personality. I understand the complex task of building, maintaining and cultivating oneself through challenges and change.

Through my work as well as through parenting, I am able to observe how differently people think, the different ways in which they stay motivated, what special powers each of us has and what really gives us the feeling of achievement and enjoyment of life.

I believe that in order to accept change we must start with self-awareness, a clear mind and a healthy and balanced lifestyle. From this point on, I have seen amazing things unfold even when life seems difficult. I help people to cultivate communication with those around them, to set boundaries, to dust off their character strengths, to express their personal purpose in life.

Phaedra Kali coach
Phaedra Kali Coach

Professional & Academic Credentials

  • Provision of Coaching services to individuals in Greece and abroad through personalized programs that use tools scientifically proven to bring results.

  • Diploma in Evidence Based Coaching from the Athens Coaching Institute, certified program by AC and EMCC

  • Master Trainer to business executives in collaboration with Door Training & Consulting Greece with the main topics of Communication, High Productivity, Consulting Sales and Customer Service.

  • Cooperation with large companies for training and coaching in Greece and abroad, such as PMI Papastratos, Boston Scientific, ITF, UBS, Interamerican, NN Hellas, Balfin Group, GCP, etc.

  • GTD Trainer and GTD Practitioner certification in the individual productivity program Getting Things Done by David Allen.

  • Diploma in Digital Marketing from ALBA Business School in collaboration with socialab

  • European MBA in Finance, with the title of distinction, from the French university Ecole Superieure de Commerce et de Management.

  • Bachelor of Science in Economics, from the British University of Surrey

  • Alpha Bank executive in the field of retail banking, in the role of Product Manager, Project Manager and key member of the Digital Transformation team.

  • Piraeus Bank Executive in the field of credit cards with the role of Portfolio Manager and team leader of 5 people.

  • Citibank executive as Mortgage Product Manager and Healthy Approach to Money Ambassador

  • Assistant Product Manager at NovaBank

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