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The steps

Take 10 minutes to answer the preparation questions.
Based on the answers we will design the coaching program that suits you.
If you are ready start here
Plant in a Pot
First Session
We will discuss your goals for the coming months, the obstacles you face and I will answer your questions.
You will discover the ways in which coaching can help you.
Book your appointment here
Friendly Conversation
Coaching Programme
We plan the coaching sessions according to your schedule and goals.
Get ready for exercises, insightful questions and an action plan based on Evidence Based Coaching .
At Home
After each session you decide on your next actions.
What is the next visible and feasible step for you?
Action is the only sure way to achieve your goal.
Running Shoes
Achieving your Goal
By completing the coaching program you have overcome obstacles, you have conquered your goal and you feel empowered to continue to claim the life you deserve.
Congratulations! Take a break from the coaching process and make your choices with freedom and confidence.
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